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Weather & Season

WINTER in AFT is characterised in the pack's territory by dry, sunny, crisp days and cold nights, sometimes with heavy frosts. The high neighboring mountain range often gets snow.

Season changes October 1st, 2014

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Site Rules

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Site Rules

Post by Jean on Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:21 am

African Falls Tribe

General Forum Rules

These rules are allowed room to grow and should be thought of as a way of making the site a rated PG atmosphere. If they are not followed a punishment will be issued accordingly. You must agree to all the rules and read them all before joining. These rules are only for the site, role play rules can be found here. Thank you!

The code of conduct is as follows:
► 1. Maintaining a mature and welcoming community, you must grant all visitors, members, and staff. Always be polite and courteous to others. If you see something that you consider is offensive/upsetting, do not start a war about it; instead, message a staff member of it (keep in mind that just because you dislike something doesn't mean it will be removed). If you are experiencing a conflict with another member and cannot keep it mature and level-headed, contact a staff member. Hateful language, harassment, aggression (direct or passive), poor attitudes, name calling, flaming, trolling, bullying and general rudeness through posts or PMs are never tolerated and will result in a warning or possible ban depending on how many offences you receive.
► 2. Try to AT LEAST visit the forum once a week, and post AT LEAST once every two weeks. If you do not, you will be marked as an inactive member and depending on how long you are gone, your profile will be deleted. If you think you cannot be active for three weeks or so, alert staff of this in the Absence Notices topic. AFT is a commitment, and if you cannot meet the requirements, consider becoming a pack friend instead of a full member.
► 3. Art theft is not tolerated here. If you are caught doing so, this can result in an instant ban. You CANNOT post or otherwise use images that you do not have permission to use. If you do not have permission to use a picture you found online somewhere but want to anyway, post the link to the image rather than re-host it. Art which features violence, blood/gore, strong spiritual themes, or anything classified as "vent art" should be marked as mature in the subject line. Art which features the following topics are not allowed to be posted on this site, even as mature topics: nudity, sex, rape, child abuse/exploitation, real-world racism, belligerent nationalism.
► 4. Chat speak is not allowed in roleplay posts. We know everyone makes mistakes, but try to maintain decent grammar and spelling in all of your posts, both in and out of roleplay. All posts must be written in English as well. Spam is also not aloud and to avoid this, we ask you to have at least 3 words in each post and no double-posting.
► 5. You may have only ONE account and ONE account only, as to not clog up the forums. As for your username, it must be the name of your character. An acceptable username could be "Jack". Nothing like "jack", "JACK", or anything with symbols. Your profile picture must be appropriate to the forums, as well as images in signatures. Signature and avatar images must not stretch the forum. If either are deemed a rule breaker they will be removed.
► 6. We accept members as young as 10, but you must have some experience roleplaying. If not, we will be glad to help you improve and provide a roleplay teacher of some sort. Due of this, you must keep your posts age-appropriate (no excessive blood/gore, swearing, ect.) As well, any triggers will also be deleted.
► 7. Mini-Modding is not aloud. This includes getting after members for breaking written forum rules, it is best to just PM a staff member informing them of the infraction (include screenshots or quotes). You may inform someone if they have broken a rule, show them the rule, but you must still inform a staff member and you should not tell them that they will "get in trouble", etc. or in anyway reprimand your fellow members. If you tend to do this often, the staff will ask you to refrain from doing so.
► 8. Be respectful of all people, both members and those off the site, regardless of sexual orientation/gender/race/religion etc. Any hurtful comments towards anyone regarding this will not be tolerated.
► 9. After two weeks of being an official member her in AFT, we expect you to have a complete and finished biography with all needed fields filled out. If not, a staff member will notify you and ask you to change it as so.
► 10. Have fun and enjoy yourself here in AFT!


► 1.Basic Grammar Skills
Basic grammar skills are required. It helps us to all understand what you're saying, and makes everyone's life easier.

► 2. Respect
One thing we pride ourselves on is mutual respect among pack members. This is now a requirement, as without respect for ones fellow peers, leaders, etc. then you will not be able to have as much fun here in the pack as those who do have respect for each other. All we ask is that you treat others the way you would like to be treated. That way, the pack is sure to have a great time on a day-to-day basis.

► 3. Joining our Website is Mandatory
The reason it's mandatory is because many people miss out on important information regarding the pack, which is found on our website. Please make sure to join the website before you sign up, and use your characters' name; you will not be accepted otherwise!

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