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Weather & Season

WINTER in AFT is characterised in the pack's territory by dry, sunny, crisp days and cold nights, sometimes with heavy frosts. The high neighboring mountain range often gets snow.

Season changes October 1st, 2014

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General Roleplay Rules

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General Roleplay Rules

Post by Jean on Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:54 pm

African Falls Tribe

Roleplay Rules

Here are the general rules of roleplaying on AFT, and should be followed or consequences will be addressed.

► 1. We are a semi-realistic roleplay; therefore, we do not allow fantasy things such as wings, special powers, religion, ect. and your canids must be realistic to their species. For example, your characters are not allowed to have unnatural colors such as red eyes, bright pink fur, ect. You must stay realistic when fighting as well. Your character is bound to take damage in a fight, this means that according to the injuries you receive, (bites, broken bones, etc) your character must react accordingly. Unless they have an approved that allows them not to feel pain, they must experience it. Likewise, any injury that would cause fatigue or any other inhibition must have that inhibition shown. Only three dodges are allowed when fighting. When encountering other animals such as lions, hyenas, ect, your character must act appropriately.
► 2. To be part of the pack, you must earn your ranks. You cannot automatically start off as an Alpha or a Lead Rank. You must prove that you deserve higher rankings. Having a pup born into the pack without the Alpha's say so is also prohibited.
► 3. No godmodding, powerplay, ect. You can only control your character and as this is a realistic roleplay your character is not going to be able to be all powerful. There is no magic, no super powers, and your character cannot dodge every attack. If your character attempts to dodge every attack the staff will intervene and require you to take hits.
► 4. Metagaming is not allowed. Such as character 1 is a spy trying to attack, character 2 would not know that unless they in-characterly gave it away.
► 5. You must have at least 150 words in your role-play posts, not counting spoken sentences. Grammar and spelling must be correct, but the occasional mistake is alright.
► 6. You cannot pick and choose. if you post in a thread, whether you're aware of danger/etc or not, and something happens, you can't just delete your post or not reply. By posting in the roleplay you acknowledge there is a chance for something unexpected to happen.
► 7. You may not kill off a person's character without a staff member's approval and their saying that you can do so.
► 8. Liquid-time is not allowed.
► 9. You are not allowed to start roleplaying until you have been accepted as an official AFT member.
► 10. Keep everything age appropriate, no excessive blood/gore, mating scenes, or gory birth scenes.
► 11. Try and keep a post order, especially during an important event, so everyone participating has a chance to post. If someone hasn't replied in at least 24 hours, you may continue the roleplay without them.
► 12. In order to keep people from taking roleplay as a real life thing, you must roleplay in third person. No exceptions.

Character Rules

► 1. As repeated in the above section, please keep your characters realistic. Unrealistic coat colors such as yellow and orange, if it is a hue, are allowed. Markings do have to stay within the allowed color range, but cannot do anything such as move/glow/ect. A canid's pelt color can change depending on the season, when their fur is shorter or longer and you are most certainly allowed to have your canid undergo a minor color change in between seasons and with age. We are more flexible with eye colors, however, as we allow a range of (reasonable) blues and greens. Eye colors such as pink, red, and purple are not allowed. As for size, you must keep it in range with your character's species. You can go slightly above or below, but nothing too extreme.
► 2. Mary/Gary Sues or "perfect" characters are prohibited. Try to keep it creative!
► 3. You are only aloud one character. You must purchase extra characters.

Changing Characters/Extra Characters

► 1. If your character has a mate, adopted pups, or pups, you cannot change without splitting from the character's mate and making sure all pups have dispersed at 2 years old.
► 2. If you have changed within the past 5 months, you may not change.
► 3. Make sure you have enough Orbs to pay for the change (your first change is free), and then post your application in the Orb Shop. Once a staff member has approved, you may post in the Joining Forums, wait for it to be accepted, and afterwards, get rid of your current character by either killing them or making them leave.
► 4. Extra characters can be purchased in the Orb Shop. Post your application there and once a staff member has approved, you may post in the Joining Forums, wait for it to be accepted and then you may start roleplaying and post the biography. Do not create an additional character just to be your main character's mate/friend. Keep all active.

Animal Companions

► 1. Animal companions can be purchased in the Orb Shop. Post your application there and once a staff member has approved, you may post the animal's biography and begin roleplaying with them.
► 2. Do not use animal companions to your own character's gain inappropriately or they will be taken away.
► 3. Roleplay the companion according to their species and keep it realistic.


► Mates. Once both characters have role played out deciding to become mates and have knew each other for at least a week, message a staff member to make both characters an official pair. Characters of all sexual orientation are allowed. Phias and Newcomers are not allowed to have mates, but can develop crushes. Your character cannot have multiple mates. If your character's mate is banned or leaves, you may choose another. You can de-mate, however, you must not have a pup or be pregnant. You must wait until the pups are born or grow up.
► Pups. To have pups, you must wait at least one month before having them as a pair. Once pregnant, you must wait another week to go into labor [no descriptive birthing scenes are aloud] and the litter may only consist of up to five pups in all. Both parents may roleplay one or two pups each, and put unwanted ones up for adoption to be roleplayed by another player. All pups, once reaching adult age according to their species, must disperse, with the exception of another user, not a parent, roleplaying a pup. Keep the pup aging process realistic. Pairs of the same gender must adopt pups.
► Adopted Pups. Adopted pups can only be taken in by an official mated pair and all users must agree to it. The pup(s) must be taken care of by both parents and not just a status.

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