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Weather & Season

WINTER in AFT is characterised in the pack's territory by dry, sunny, crisp days and cold nights, sometimes with heavy frosts. The high neighboring mountain range often gets snow.

Season changes October 1st, 2014

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AFT Member List

The Elites

The LEIERS are basically the 'alphas' of the pack. Their job is to watch over the pack and ensure that various aspects within the pack are running smoothly, deal with members, general site maintenance and administration, etc.
DAE = unlimited
The CHINIS are an elite group of members who will assist in running the pack alongside the Leiers to help keep things stable. They are second in command and will help with aspects such as moderation, member issues, etc. They are in control of the pack if all of the leaders are absent.
ALAUDE = 100
BEAU = 100

The Viazis

The KUANGALIAS are the secretive canids who keep an eye on the other members of of the pack. This rank is rather laid back, as they generally just keep a lookout over the pack and report to other members if something is going on, such as a fight, hunt, etc. These users know where everyone is at all times, and keep tabs on troublemakers. They investigate into what goes on within other packs and prides that live near the territory. In addition to this, they investigate within the pack and keep a silent watch on members. If they find any strange things going on they report to the Elites and leader, acting as their "extra eyes and ears".
The Kuangalia Centurio is the leader of the position and they follow up on certain events and keep watch on others in the rank. To be decided

The VANATORS are the hunters of the pack, and often will take time out of their day to go hunting. They are responsible for providing food for the pack, and take their job seriously. These users are great alone or as a team, and know each and every creature that roams the African wilderness just by their scent or prints. These canines take down the prey once it takes off. They work tirelessly to bring down whichever prey is chosen by the Centurio. They all work with the others to pinpoint the location of herds and they work to single out which prey they are to pursue.
ELSA = 0
The Vanator Centurio, leaders of the Vanator rank, work hard to fulfill their job as hunters. They help take down and find prey but also lead most of the hunts. To be decided

GAUNZAS are the fighters and warriors of the pack who keep the pack safe from other African predators. They often patrol the boundaries of the territory with the Tafuria's, and help keep out any unwanted predators or trespassers. These canids are fairly aggressive due to their nature of fighting constantly, but they know every technique for battling a foe. Gaunza's fight to defend the territory from predators. They stay ever vigilant for danger and must be ready to defend the pack at all cost. They are given purpose to seek out and kill certain things.
Gaunza Centurios keep their comrades sharp and ready for battle. They are skilled in fighting and are trained very well. To be decided

The TAFURAS are the patrollers who scan throughout the territory and its boundaries for any unwanted dangers. They are also known for taking care of pups and ensuring the safety of the pack overall. They can leave the territory at will to search for anything that is needed by the pack. These canids know every sight, smell and sound throughout the bush, and are quick to know exactly what is going on and where. These members patrol the outer areas of the territory and may often journey further than their comrades. They also adventure the closer areas in the territory. They constantly check for danger and often move about keeping watch on other members.
RAJ є = 10
The Tafuria Centurio keeps watch over the other members in the rank, however, they also fulfill the duties of the rest of the members in the position, while leading them. To be decided

QWAZIS are the healers of the pack that collect herbs and use them to treat others' wounds. These members have the greatest knowledge about plants and animal parts that are used for healing, and are known as very wise canids. They treat others and have a wide knowledge of herbs. They are quick to arrive on the scene. They assess the damage of the injured and evaluate the situation for the Qwazi Centurio.
LEVI = 0
The Qwazi Centurio leads the Qwazi rank and take the duties of the other members. They are generally the most experienced of the position and have an extensive knowledge of herbs and how to treat wounded or ill canids. To be decided

The UPENDOS are the pack's psychological doctors. These users specialize in helping users with their inner-most problems, and help find solutions. They are amazing secret keepers, as they know most of the pack's secrets and have yet to tell a soul. They specialize in love issues, along with many other issues. These canids are the 'love therapists' of the pack and can offer any advice to members whether they want it or not. They study in mental issues within members. They often consult those that appear troubled and can offer a vast arrange of advice.
The Upendo Centurio, like all Centurios, keep up all duties of the Upendo rank and assign hurting canids to others in the position to help. To be decided

VAKOOJAS are risk takers in AFT. They tend to be strong-minded, almost careless canids, pursuing risk head on without fear. They work to keep the pack safe from danger and to keep dangers away as well. They also carry word of certain occurrences to the Elites and to other members if need be.
The Vakooja Centurio is not only leader of the Vakoojas but they also take risks with the others in the rank. To be decided

The Mladostis

The HUDUMAS are the general helpers of the pack. Often, they are not so engaged in work, and will stay near the den to help care for the pups and look after any members. They help out with anything that needs doing in the territory and generally fill in any ranks necessary.

PHIAS are the pups of the pack, which are considered any canid under the age of two. They were either found somewhere, strayed onto pack territory or were born to the pack. They are treated like pups, and taken care of by the pack members or their parents.
JUDE = 5
SOCKS = 110
ZUNI = 5

NEWCOMERS are the new members who have joined the pack! They must stay active and complete the Newcomer Quiz in order to gain their desired rank.
[color=#4f5786]MALAIKA = 0
[color=#4f5786]POETE = 0

PACK FRIENDS are those who can't fully commit to the pack but still would enjoy participating in simple things. They are not allowed to roleplay, but they can post around the OOC forums.

How do ranks work here? Ranks are earned for the most part, while the Centurios of each rank are voted on. Newcomers, once they have completed the Newcomer Quiz, are given their official rank.
I've joined as a newcomer, what do I do to get my rank? To earn your rank, you must remain active for at least a week and at least 3/5 of the questions right in the Newcomer Quiz.
How do I request a rank? Simply put what rank you want in your "Rank Wanted" area on your profile. All requests for a rank change sent via PM to a staff member will be discarded.
What happens if I become a rank, and want a higher rank? Sign up for Centurio voting when it comes around, more details on this will be provided in the future.
I'm a Kuangalia right now, but want to be a Vakooja. How do I do that? All you need to do if go to the "Rank wanted" section on your profile and change it to whatever you wish to be. Once the staff members see it and feel that you deserve a rank change, you will be given your rank. If you wish to change your rank and you are a Centurio, you will not be able to take the place of the Centurio of your new rank.
I want to change characters, how does this affect my rank? You will become a newcomer and lose your rank. We hope this will get users to really think about the character they wish to have, so they're not changing too much if they wish to be serious about getting a rank.

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